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Surf4Fun was formed to market and manage a surfing specific wave pool in Montpellier, France. While crude technology to generate surfing waves in a large pool has existed for nearly twenty years, stand-alone surfing pools were considered infeasible due to high energy costs, slow wave intervals, and poor wave quality.

Surf4Fun innovative business model, combined with newly patented technology in both wave generation and pool shape, has now made the perfect surfing wave both technically feasible and economically viable. The new technology generates perfect waves up to eight feet high with rides up to seventy meters long.

Surf4Fun currently seeking partners to finance construction of the Surf Park.

Surf4Fun will manage and market this facility for its owners in exchange for a management fee and/or share of ownership.


Our vision has been to create high quality, affordable surf spots in a natural environmentally friendly setting for people of all ages and abilities, anywhere in the world.

A rapidly increasing global surfer population, combined with a severe shortage of high-quality natural surfing venues, has raised demand for supplemental surfing facilities to a critical level.

Surfing is also a spectator sport that attracts large groups of onlookers at every surf spot or competition, people who are mesmerized by the breaking waves and the abilities of the surfers who seem to walk on water as they ride them. In the Surf4Fun Wave Park the viewing experience is vastly improved as the uncertainty of many factors of the open ocean are removed, allowing innovative and unique surf competitions and high performance training.

All surfers dream of riding a perfect wave. Unfortunately, the perfect surfing wave requires a precise mix of wind, swell, tide, and seafloor contour, and these elements can be found in only a handful of locations around the world. In spite of its elusive playing field, surfing has undergone explosive growth in the past decade.



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